My name is Christy Toney and I am a lettering enthusiast born and educated in the great city of Chicago! In addition to being a full time  local calligrapher, I am also a hand lettering artist. My wedding calligraphy jobs slowly evolved into creating more mirrors and chalkboards which demanded the need for me start studying and mimicking letterforms.

While scripts will ALWAYS fall into my comfort zone, my background in design (Columbia College, Chicago B.A.) and architectural drafting (Lindblom Technical H.S.), made exploring other kinds of lettering styles/characters a natural

My love of letters has led to partnerships with big box brand Target, StudioNorth USA, Micro Kickboard, Knot Standard, Maker’s Mark, Oliver Peoples and Red Bull. I’ve also worked seasonally personalizing ornaments for consumers at

I look forward to sharing new work, connecting with other lettering enthusiasts and mulling over potential commissions & collabs!

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Christy Toney